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19 março 2008

Kingdom Hearts I - Soundtrack

01.-Dearly Beloved
02.- Dive into the Heart -Destati-
03.-Destiny Islands
04.-Bustin' Up on the Beach
05.-Mickey Mouse Club March
06.-Treasured Memories
07.-Strange Whispers
08.-Kairi I
09.-It Began with a Letter
10.-A Walk in Andante
11.-Night of Fate
12.-Destiny's Force
13.-Where Is This
14.-Traverse Town
15.-The Heartless Has Come
16.-Shrouding Dark Cloud
17.-Blast Away! -Gummi Ship I-
18.-Yoko Shimomura - Tricksy Clock
19.-Welcome to Wonderland
20.-To Our Surprise
21.-Turning the Key
22.-Olympus Coliseum
23.-Road to a Hero
24.-Go for It!
25.-No Time to Think
26.-Deep Jungle
27.-Having a Wild Time
28.-Holy Bananas!
29.-Squirming Evil
30.-Hand in Hand
31.-Kairi II
32.-Merlin's Magical House
33.-Winnie the Pooh
35.-Just an Itty Bitty Too Much
36.-Once Upon a Time
37.-Shipmeisters' Humoresque
38.-Precious Stars in the Sky
39.-Blast Away! -Gummi Ship II-

Kingdom Hearts cd 1

01.-A Day in Agrabah
02.-Arabian Dream
03.-Villains of a Sort
04.-A Very Small Wish
05.-Monstrous Monstro
06.-Friends in My Heart
07.-Under the Sea
08.-An Adventure in Atlantica
09.-A Piece of Peace
10.-An Intense Situation
11.-The Deep End
12.-This is Halloween
13.-Spooks of Halloween Town
15.-Captain Hook's Pirate Ship
16.-Pirate's Gigue
17.-Never Land Sky
18.-Kairi III
19.-Blast Away! -Gummi Ship III-
20.-Hollow Bastion
21.-Scherzo di notte
22.-Forze del male
24.-End of the World
25.-Fragments of Sorrow
26.-Guardando nel buio
27.-Beyond the Door
28.-Always on My Mind
30.-Hand in Hand -Reprise-
31.-Dearly Beloved -Reprise-

Kingdom Hearts cd 2

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