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02 setembro 2009

Bleach OST 1


01-On The Precipice Of Defeat
02-* ~Asterisk~ [OST Ver.]
03-Comical World
04-Oh So Tired
05-Head In The Clouds
06-Difty For Daddy
07-Creeping Shadows
08-Raw Breath Of Danger
09-Enemy Unseen
10-Will Of The Heart
11-Requiem For The Lost Ones
12-Nothing Can Be Explained [Vocal Ver.]
13-Burden Of The Past
14-Destiny Awaits
16-Heat Of The Battle
17-Blaze Of The Soul Reaper
18-Battle Ignition
19-Never Meant To Belong
20-Storm Center
21-Number One [Volcal Ver.]
22-Going Home
23-Life Is Like A Boat [TV Size Ver.]
24-Peaceful Afternoon
25-Thank You! [TV Version]


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